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Access the amazing RichFolio as a guest to track One Wallet's value.

Richie's chart, price movements, market cap, volume and more for all.


Track Frictionless Rewards of Richie and it's value in USD.

Vote for other coins to get them listed on RichFolio+


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Upgrade to RichFolio+

Unlock added benefits

HODL 100 Million Richies and more in your primary wallet to activate RichFolio+
Track Frictionless Farming Rewards of Richie as well as other various listed coins.
Add and track your portfolio of more than one wallet and manage them.
Be eligible to claim bonus Lottery Rewards of One Billion Richie every 24 hours.
Unclaimed lottery rewards will be rolled over to the next winner.
Get airdrops from partners on regular intervals.
Request for listing of tokens straight from the app.

How RichFolio works

Most Rewarding Tracking App!

You can view the rewards generated by holding your Richie and their value, with an option to reset it. Club that with support for other coins like FEG, GoldFarm, etc. which are into frictionless farming, our app loudly stands apart in the market!

RichFolio+ (activated when you hold at least 100M Richies) also entitles the members to be eligible for a lottery and a chance to win 1 Billion Richie every 24 hours. Un-claimed tokens gets added to the pool that next winner gets. There will also be airdrops from our partner tokens— making it the most rewarding tracking app ever. Community can also request a token listing and also vote for tokens to get them listed.